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Necklace is a type of jewelry adored by many women in all age groups and social statuses. It can add a fashionable twist to any look, be it a casual outfit or formal attire. The only occasion when necklaces are inappropriate is while doing sports, as they can even prove to be dangerous.

Danish designer necklaces, chains and pendants are represented by a wide range of pieces where something to satisfy even the pickiest lady can be found. The price range is also wide, which means there are pieces for every wallet.

The simplest type of necklaces is gold or silver chains. They can be of different lengths and thicknesses and worn both by men and women. At certain points of time in some cultures gold chain represented wealth of its’ owner, rather than served a decorative purpose. More delicate gold or silver chain necklace is a perfect choice for everyday wear, and plenty of women choose it on a daily basis to accentuate their outfit. Thin chain of the right length attracts attention to neck and collarbones, making them look very attractive. A pendant can be added to a chain necklace for additional decoration. Both gold and silver pendants can be of different shapes and sizes, be decorated with various ornaments, signs, pictures, embellished with semi-precious and precious gemstones. While large precious stones are inappropriate for everyday wear, small shiny gemstones or crystals can bring a sophisticated accent and dress up any simple and boring shirt, blouse or dress. Necklaces

A chain necklace with a pendant is an excellent gift for any occasion, as it’s impossible to pick a wrong size, like in case with rings and bracelets. It’s also really convenient, and pendants can be removed and changed, this way creating new look from day to day. You can also combine several chains of different length with different pendant and wear them together in a bundle. Such way of accessorizing is in trend right now and you’ll definitely prove yourself as a fashionable woman. It’s a great choice especially for women of young age; as such jewelry worn at the older age can attract attention to aging skin on the neck and chest.

Often choice of mature women falls on pearl necklaces, which traditionally were given for every child born to a woman. A pearl necklace is a timeless piece which never goes out of fashion and is often part of the heritage of the family. In the past, it was an item which was only present in royal and noble families, so a pearl necklace is not only a decoration, but also a representation of the social status. Pearl necklace is an all-sufficient jewel, and is rarely worn together with other necklaces.

Statement necklace is another type of necklace which is always worn on its own. It’s a relatively new addition to the ways of accessorizing new outfits and was introduced few years ago. Statement necklace is large, and is often excessively decorated with rhinestones or other elements. It’s important to keep in mind that such pieces should always be combined with simple clothing without many patterns, ornaments, decorations or bright color combinations. If you follow this advice, you’ll be able to achieve a fashionable look and won’t stay unnoticed on the streets and in any company. Truly, statement necklaces are perfect for women who like to stand out in any occasion. On the contrary from chain necklaces, statement necklaces are rarely made of silver or gold plated silver and decorated with natural stones. Usually they are made of cheaper materials due to their large size and frequency of wearing. As statement necklace will definitely be remembered, you don’t want to wear it too often.