Danish Jewelry Designers

Rhodium Plated or Rhodinated Jewelry

Sterling silver itself is a really soft material and jewelry made of it is prone to deformation and tarnish, therefore producers constantly work out the ways to prevent such threats. One of the best ways to protect and improve silver is to apply rhodium all over the jewelry item. Rhodium is a noble metal which could potentially be used in jewelry manufacturing, but because of its high melting point and poor flexibility it’s impossible to find solid rhodium pieces. Also, pure rhodium is a very expensive metal. Instead, rhodium is widely used in small amounts in plating white gold and silver jewelry. Rhodium gives bright shine, slows down tarnishing and makes a silver piece sturdier. This way rhodium plated jewelry is an excellent choice when considering extending your jewelry collection or when choosing a gift. It will gladden the recipient for many years ahead.

Rhodium started to be involved in jewelry making in the third decade of the twentieth century, and strengthened its’ position in the middle of the century. It all started in the US and due to the effect rhodium plating gave to the jewelry it quickly spread out in the rest of the world.

There is an opinion that rhodium plated is toxic, but that’s not true. Rhodium itself is an inert metal and cannot cause any Rhodium Plated Jewelryharm to the wearer of rhodium plated jewelry. What should be taken into consideration is the manufacturing process of rhodium plated jewelry. Workers, who work for unscrupulous producers, often are exposed to fumes, which appear during the process of rhodium plating, when it gets in contact with other chemicals and are dangerous for one’s health. Therefore when you are buying jewelry items, make sure that they are produced on ISO quality management standards, where aspects such as working conditions, safety and utilized materials meet high standards. When buying Danish designer jewelry, you can be sure of its’ origin, as quality is one of producers’ main concerns.

Even though rhodium plating is resistant to fading and tarnish, it still should be cared of well in order for it to last long. If rhodium plated jewelry was intensively used for a very long time and the plating got worn off, it can be plated again by a goldsmith.

Cleaning rhodium plated jewelry is not a complicated process. To do it, just dissolve a small amount of liquid soap in a bowl filled with warm water and soak your rhodium plated jewel for quarter of an hour. If it’s not completely clean, you can gently brush it with a brush with soft bristles. After that, rinse your jewelry under warm running water and dry it on a towel. Make sure your jewelry is completely dry before you put it away in a box, as humidity will most certainly harm it.

In addition, take into consideration in which conditions do you use your rhodium plated jewelry. Make sure not to wear it while doing house chores, as chemicals used in cleaning solutions and detergents are really harmful for your jewelry. Also, try to avoid the contact of your jewelry with perfume, as it contains alcohol, which can damage rhodium plating. Apply creams when you’re not wearing jewelry and let them completely sink in before you put on your rings, bracelets or necklaces.

If you follow this simple advice, your rhodium plated silver jewelry will last you for decades and will remind you of people who gave it to you, bring up memories of events and occasions you wore it for, and your daily outfits will be completed with a fashionable and sophisticated twist.