Danish Jewelry Designers

Danish Designer Silver Rings and Bracelets

Hands are the second most important exposed body part, right after face. By the look of hands you can tell a lot about a given person, so it’s important to be able to provide a right impression with the look of it. Of course, it’s not only jewelry that matters, so first and foremost you should treat your hands right. Then jewelry will be able to emphasize your beauty and prove your sophisticated style.

There are many Danish designers who are fond of making rings and bracelets of all kinds. Silver bracelets and rings are wide spread because they are made in styles which are suitable for any occasion. Special occasion styles are often made in gold plated silver and have inlaid gemstones, such as onyx, quartz, topaz or peridot. Such pieces stand out because of their bright colors even if they have a very simple or classic overall design.

The best part about silver rings is probably the fact that the more often they are worn, the less prone they are to getting tarnished. Silver pieces, which are not used and are kept in a box the most of the time, lose their shine and color, start looking dull and old. Shine can easily be brought back by polishing with suitable products, but the easiest way to prevent it is wearing your silver rings and bracelets on the daily basis. This way oil, which is naturally produced by your skin, will polish your silver jewelry, making it shiny and bright.Rings and bracelets

Just as any other kind of jewelry, bracelets should be chosen carefully as you want them to bring a beautiful accent to your hands. Thin, freely hanging bracelets will accentuate any wrist, making it appear gracefully thin. Wider bracelets, which sit tightly on the wrist, are better suited for thin hands and long arms, as they will make short arm even shorter and thick wrists thicker. Colors and decorations of the bracelets should be appropriate for the occasion, so avoid wearing opulently decorated pieces on the daily basis.

Choice of rings should follow the same rules as thinner bands help to visually elongate fingers, making them to appear thinner. On the contrary, massive rings which look more solid will make your hands appear heavier and older. Nowadays rings usually carry solely decorative function, but it wasn’t long ago when they were objects of rather high importance.

The history of wearing rings is thousands years old, and they used to have very different purposes all around the world. One of the most common features which rings used to reflect when sitting on its’ owner’s finger is the wealth and power he is entitled to. At that times ring wasn’t just a decoration, it was served for security purposes and together with melted wax it was used to seal letters and documents. But it’s not only letters which ring seal together. For centuries a wedding band has been a symbol of eternal love and devotion. In fact, it wasn’t until twentieth century when both partners started to wear wedding rings. Before that, only women were given a ring, but starting from the end of the nineteenth century, the double ring ceremony was introduced in the US and was gradually spread out to the entire world. It wasn’t accidentally that exactly ring was chosen to declare marriage. Ring has a circular shape, it has no beginning and no end; it’s infinite and therefore reflects the purpose of marriage. For the same reason the most common wedding ring has no stones or decorations, and in some countries wedding rings with stones are not welcomed as it is though that rings intermitted with a stone don’t have perfect infinite circle, therefore won’t lead to a lifelong happy marriage.