Danish Jewelry Designers

Danish Designer Silver Earrings

It’s possible to find Danish designer earrings of all existing styles and materials, but usually the emphasis is made on minimalistic shape and delicate detailing. Nevertheless, if you are searching for something more extravagant and off mainstream, Danish design is something worthy to consider. The base material of preference of Danish designers is silver, as it can have different finishes and looks contemporary. Another typical thing is gold plated silver earrings. The most wide spread is yellow gold plating, but rose and white gold can also be found. Gold plated silver earrings are less costly to make which allows room for interesting designs, unusual ornaments and details, and embellishment with various semi-precious gemstones, minerals and crystals.

At the present moment different shape earrings are in trend. Stud earrings are popular because even ones decorated with gemstones they are appropriate for everyday wear, suit every face shape, age group and occupation. Bigger earrings of minimalistic forms are often chosen by young fashionable women, while classic embellished earrings are usually worn on special occasions.
Silver earrings
When choosing earrings, you have to keep in mind many aspects. Earrings should complement your outfit, emphasize your face in a positive way and not accentuate possible flaws. Earrings can help to capture attention to a certain facial feature or distract from a flaw. In order to achieve it, you should look at earrings closely and define if they are suitable for you in terms of size, length, shape, color, decorative elements and style overall.

The first thing to look at is how well your earrings complement your face shape. If you have a round face, you probably want to visually elongate it to an oval shape and make it appear slimmer. In this case, you should choose long and narrow hanging earrings, and bear in mind that they shouldn’t be massive, but rather delicate. Another shape of earrings which complements a round face is reversed triangles. If on contrary you have a long narrow face, you can choose large square or round earrings to make your face appear more proportionate. If you have an inverted triangle face, meaning that your forehead and cheekbones are wide and your chin is rather narrow, you should address small earrings or the ones of large oval shape, as they will soften the contour of your face.

The color of earrings should complement your skin tone. If you have a warm skin undertone, you should choose yellow or rose gold plated silver earrings, and if you have a cool skin undertone, you should choose silver or white gold pieces. The gemstones used in earring decoration can emphasize your eye color, if they are chosen in the matching tone.

The important thing to remember is that it’s not the price which makes earrings good, but only the fact if they are suitable for you personally and the occasion you are wearing them for. Massive and excessively decorated earrings are inappropriate for the everyday wear and can only be worn for relevant, usually evening events, such as weddings, parties, theaters, operas, restaurants, while delicate small earrings or diamond studs can be worn all of the time, as they will show your elegancy and sense of style. Wearing delicate earrings at special occasions also allows to put emphasize on other jewelry items you are wearing, such as necklace, bracelets or rings, which in this case can be of a more extravagant and larger shape or decorated with large or bright stones. This way you can achieve a very sophisticated look and not prove yourself as a person who wears all the available bling.